AVEDA products At Salon El-Khouri


Aveda shampoos and styling products are designed to protect hair from processing and the environment. Salon El-Khouri carries the complete line of these premium products, for every type of hair and styling needs. Learn More.


Cinderella Hair Extensions are 100 percent human hair, expertly woven in by our certified stylist. For those who do not have the length, volume or even the patience to grow their hair out. With the help of Cinderella Hair Extensions and Our Hair Your Way®, this dream can become reality! After all, why shouldn’t your clients have length, volume, color and highlights every day or for that special occasion The results are as natural or wild you as you want to go. Learn More.


XFUSION is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair. It consists of colored organic fibers made of pure keratin protein – the same protein that makes up human hair. When shaken onto balding or thinning hair, XFusion fibers instantly and securely fill out the hair a person already has, giving him or her the appearance of having significantly more hair. Since XFusion works with existing hair, it can enhance even the sparsest areas.

It is not, however, appropriate for completely bald individuals. Learn More.